Secrets & Seduction by Cheri Blossum

Best Erotica of 2015

The anti-porn anti-bondage

porn bondage comedy written by a famous blogger

One woman. One man. One catfish.

One Dominatrix. One Parrot. Lots of Whips. Cigs.



And No Safe Words...


Plot Synopsis


Janet met a nice guy online. Nothing prepared her for what happened next...

Written by an "adult entertainment" star during the 1990s, Secrets & Seduction is the next upgrade from virtual into reality with an air of authenticity.

Part thriller, part erotic romance, Secrets & Seduction is a fast-paced read that has you gripping at your seat wondering, "Could this possibly happen?"

Reader Reviews

What a great Summer read! Bought this to read at the beach over the weekend and couldn't put it down. Very believable well fleshed out characters, caught up in overlapping spheres of love, desire and yes... perversion. A wild, erotic story that flows so smoothly, I became totally immersed in it. Some very graphic sex, I can certainly believe this was written by a a former "adult entertainment" star. Also a very timely story with "catfishing" prominent in the news, and the mainstreaming of the subject of BDSM. It's a pleasure to read such a sexy, well written work by a truly skilled author. Certainly an unusual story, not just in the subject matter, but in the way all the different elements of this story are woven together to make an excellent read. I heartily recommend it!

Tom Mark

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