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Amour Anarchy

A Memoir

Amour Anarchy is to Paris in the 1970s as 

A Bout de Souffle is to Paris in the 1960s


Plot Synopsis

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Fall in love with the most romantic city in the world. Set in the 1970s, this charming memoir of an unconstrained American teenager running amok in Paris fulfills every parent’s nightmare. Should her parents have known about those hilarious and cringeworthy adventures with boyfriends, neighborhood weirdos, migrant gangs, and terrorists, they would have grounded her for life. Luckily, she exposes all decades later where her readers can enjoy reading irresponsible irredeemable youth without rebuke.

Reader Reviews

Having read Maura’s guide to eDating the Old School Way, I was interested in learning more about the stories behind the author. I also wanted to get a sense of what Paris and Europe were like in the ‘70’s. While I’m not much for traveling abroad, Paris has always been on my bucket list. And while I’m sure there’s a vast difference between the City of Lights back then versus now, it’s always fun to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures.

Her perspective from back in the day showcases the immature maturity Maura had while traveling abroad. I know that sounds a little strange, but I could sense the girl behind the stories, melding with the maturity she’s gained from her experiences. Growing up among plenty of situations that many of us would handle awkwardly and with kid gloves, all while away from her parents. I think that takes real guts. Maura has that in spades.

Maura discovers so much more than culture shock when she’s on her own. This truly is a coming-of-age tell-all.

I appreciate how honest and open she is about her personal experiences, particularly where her relationships are concerned. While so many of us often lock up the memories of our wild teenage years and hastily throw away the key, Maura shares her stories with wild abandon, immediately endearing you to the girl she was and to the woman she’s become. Nothing is taboo.

While I found myself annoyed with her main love interest at times, due to his personality, I do realize just how influential he must have been on her life. That’s even more in focus as the story progresses, blending beautifully with the ending. While many of us may never have Paris, we’ll certainly have those interesting childhood relationships that often shape who we later become in life, and they are often the ones we learn the most from.

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