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Award-winning author chronicles her life-altering existence residing year-round in a famous remote summer resort area.

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Plot Synopsis


Isolated, insolvent, and ill, the author moves to the family summer compound upstate New York to heal and regroup. For a decade. AntiSeptic chronicles what occurs when you combine Dirty Dancing with A Clockwork Orange—a scathing satire that reinforces the old Hungarian saying, “God doesn’t punish with a stick.” Corruption and scandal abound from the tops of the bucolic Borscht Belt mountains to the fields of The Great Festival of 1969 among an improbable mix of tourists, residents, cultists, artistes, and wildlife.

Reader Reviews

Get Lost in Small Town America

Hang on for a wild ride, and a way to feel better about where you live. Nosy neighbors who mow the lawn at 7 am? Check. Jetskiing ultra-orthodox religionists who think women are only good for two things? Check. Rich summer tourists who look down on the year-round inhabitants? Check.

Anti-Septic is a great story that deals with a subject we don't often think about: "How did I end up in the place where I live?" So many of us spend years in a place without wondering too much about the chain of circumstances that got us there.

Fortunately, hilariously, Maura Stone does. She also implies the corollary to the initial question: "How do I get out of here?"

Highly recommended.

-- Stacey Roberts, Author

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