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Revenge never tasted so sweet!

Delicious, insightful, and hysterical

An unforgettable madcap journey into a world known only to a few hundred thousand who had the Woodstock Experience.

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Plot Synopsis


Against common sense and advice, Maura committed the largest blunder of her life: she moved full time from the City to a corrupt small resort town. Septic County is rampant with unforgettable characters: rabid tourists, local inhabitants, cultists, strange wildlife, and worst of all—summer second homeowners. Maura confronts outrageous unacceptable behavior where she is faced with deep-seated insightful truths that will make anyone reconsider their relationship to self, society, and life. 

Reader Reviews


Get Lost in Small Town America

Hang on for a wild ride, and a way to feel better about where you live. Nosy neighbors who mow the lawn at 7 am? Check. Jetskiing ultra-orthodox religionists who think women are only good for two things? Check. Rich summer tourists who look down on the year-round inhabitants? Check.

Anti-Septic is a great story that deals with a subject we don't often think about: "How did I end up in the place where I live?" So many of us spend years in a place without wondering too much about the chain of circumstances that got us there.

Fortunately, hilariously, Maura Stone does. She also implies the corollary to the initial question: "How do I get out of here?"

Highly recommended.

-- Stacey Roberts, Author

Interactive Preview to Come

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