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Best Comedy Novel of 2011

Top Breakthrough Novel of and Penguin Books

5-Star Reviews from Midwest Book Review & Harriet Klausner, Doyenne of Literary Critics

Endorsed by Howard Stern

Barbara Taylor Bradford's Favorite Book


Plot Synopsis

Sunny Backyard

The book that broke the mold! Escape with laughter in this madcap adventure filled with crazy colleagues, paparazzi, and celebrities. Where the reader can learn how to rip off a luxury hotel from the inside. Linda Lane, an unconventional heroine, faces unbelievable obstacles which prevent her from doing her job. Like stopping her boss, the General Manager, from grand larceny. How does she deal with this moral dilemma? Even more so, can she keep her job and still save the day? What should a girl do?

Garden Grove Book Club, Vero Beach
January 2024


Reader Reviews


Midwest Book Review
“A humorous delve into the underworld of class, highly recommended” 

Even the classiest isn't immune from the lowest common denominator. Five-Star Fleecing looks into the life of Linda Lane, as she embraces her new career as manager of the Supreme Superior, a five star New York City hotel. But her classy career is not what it's cracked up to be as she soon finds herself again associating with criminals. Presented as a dark comedy, Five-Star Fleecing is a humorous delve into the underworld of class, highly recommended. 


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