Best Comedy Novel of 2011

Top Breakthrough Novel of and Penguin Books

Endorsed by Howard Stern

Barbara Taylor Bradford's Favorite Novel


Plot Synopsis

Five-Star FLEECING delivers with sass, fun and vengeance true tales-from-the-crypt about a corrupt luxury hotel in NYC through the eyes of Linda Lane, an unconventional heroine. Escape with laughter into this madcap adventure filled with crazy colleagues, paparazzi and celebrities. A definite must-read for anyone willing to ROFLMAO!

Reader Reviews

Even the classiest isn't immune from the lowest common denominator. Five-Star Fleecing looks into the life of Linda Lane, as she embraces her new career as manager of the Supreme Superior, a five star New York City hotel. But her classy career is not what it's cracked up to be as she soon finds herself again associating with criminals. Presented as a dark comedy, Five-Star Fleecing is a humorous delve into the underworld of class, highly recommended. 


Midwest Book Review
“A humorous delve into the underworld of class, highly recommended” 

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