Arc of Passion

The Popular Author Presents Short Stories for the Non-Avid Reader


 Romance, Self-Actualization and Maturity

Plot Synopsis

Floating Hearts

Not even the highly prolific author and underground comedian who wrote eDating the Old School Way is immune to sweet virtual words. Pursued by a fellow almost half her age and 3,000 miles away, Maura explores this unconventional relationship in a compilation of witty and introspective short stories written and performed in front of a live audience. 

Arc of Passion gives the breath, scope and depth of a novel in a few minutes' read. Tailored for those on the go, Arc of Passion is a literary treat in small bites. 

Reader Reviews

 ✰✰✰✰✰ Stars!! Ms. Envy

Talk about an amazingly-well written book. Once again, Ms. Maura Stone has written a book that has me in tears. I seriously can't get enough of her, wildly worded, extremely intense, easy and pleasurable reads. After the first book (five star fleecing)- she has definitely replaced who-in my mind, is best author.

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