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Arc of Passion

Appetizing Short Story Snacks for the non-avid reader!

Deliciously Devilish


Unconventional Romance

Parables to Live By

With Laughter and Joy!

Plot Synopsis

Floating Hearts

Whet your appetite with a kindle pettifour that tickles your fancy, plumbs your soul, and makes you weep and guffaw at the same time. After writing a comedy book about the pitfalls of online romance, Maura ignores her own advice when she meets a man half her age from 3,000 miles away. As a result, she falls headfirst into a whirling dervish relationship where she scrutinizes her life and state of mind.

Reader Reviews

 ✰✰✰✰✰ Stars!! Ms. Envy

Talk about an amazingly-well written book. Once again, Ms. Maura Stone has written a book that has me in tears. I seriously can't get enough of her, wildly worded, extremely intense, easy and pleasurable reads. After the first book (five star fleecing)- she has definitely replaced who-in my mind, is best author.

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