Mostly Sunset

Mostly Sunset has garnered attention as the FIRST virtual table top book.


Plot Synopsis

Beach at Sunset

Over the course of four seasons, award-winning author, Maura Stone, took photos mainly from the same location, the shore of her former house in White Lake, NY. Mostly Sunset is an expansion of her sense of the esthete as well as her comedic point of view through photography.  

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book by Maura Stone as she goes down a trip down memory lane. The book is well written and kept me engaged all the way to the end. I was left with wishing for more. I hope and encourage everyone to take note of this up and coming author. 
She has a way with words like no other author I have read and I read all different kinds of books!! 

I thoroughly recommend reading this book to one and all!!
You will not be disappointed!!!!

Jane Huff

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