eDating the Old School Way

The First Book about Online Dating Sold in Paperback and, finally, eBook!


Plot Synopsis

Open Blue Furry Handcuffs

eDating the Old School Way, a Comedic Guide to Online Dating, Maura Stone's famous underground comedy, is a parody that'll make you gasp in laughter and horror at the same time. Clear, concise and scathing, eDating the Old School Way hysterically cuts to the core and introduces the parade of characters who populate internet dating sites, e.g., catfish, Damaged Goods, the Crazy Lady, zombies and escorts. Novices as well as jaded online dating enthusiasts learn the ins and outs while navigating the tangled web en route to romance.

Reader Reviews

Finally!! The ultimate eDating for Dummies Guide

by Heidi Clements, Executive Producer of ABC's sitcom, "Baby Daddy" and author of "Welcome to Heidi"

I always say that people who engage in online dating are crazy - now I know they're also hilarious - well at least Maura is. Call it E-dating for Dummies, this book will help you laugh your way through the treacherous world of computer coupling. Just wear some diapers because you will pee yourself and nobody wants to date that kind of girl. Both insightful and insanely funny, this how to hook up book will make surfing for a spouse a scary but much smarter ride.

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